Certain changes in the global business outlook have occurred so fast and these changes have definitely come to stay. In effect, there undoubtedly needs to be an accompanying paradigm shift in our normal business modules, routines and operations if we need to live up with the times. Large Multinational corporations are no exception to this. Nonetheless, starts-ups and SME's need to be keener on digitization and online presence if they wish to scale up operations to national and international levels
Mr. Lefor Joseph Lefor is a holder of MSc International Business degree in the United Kingdom. The young inspirer and lover of digital innovation has worked across several departments in higher education for over 2 years and counting. These include: Student Services, Disability Services and Admissions. Those job roles in addition to previous internships and placement in-and-out of the United Kingdom have exposed him well enough to understand that digitalizing your business is a super-duper